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Mass for Shut-ins: The Gin and Tacos Podcast

Jun 27, 2018

Story: THE RED SQUARE PILOT - The true story of Mathias Rust, the German teen who took his tiny Cessna 172 and invaded the Soviet Union with it. Late Cold War hijinks. May have very slightly hastened the fall of the USSR. 

Guest: Dr. Lisa Wade, author of best-selling textbook "Gender" and the popular press book "American Hookup" about the sex lives of college students. She founded the excellent blog Sociological Images and can be found @lisawade. 

Cocktail of the Month: Bee's Knees. It turns out that when your gin was made in someone's barn you had to put a LOT of sugar and citrus in it to make it drinkable.

Topic: Stealth Voter Suppression. It's not all Voter ID laws - there are shadier, more low-key forms of voter suppression that YOU can do something about. Yes, you.

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