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Mass for Shut-ins: The Gin and Tacos Podcast

Jan 9, 2019

Story: Shakespeare Comes to America - How was a minor American industrialist, Henry Clay Folger, able to buy up so much of Shakespeare that more of Ol' William's written output is now in Washington DC than in all of England? It's a tale of an agricultural depression and the decline of the British aristocracy. You know, Downton Abbey style. The Brits needed money. American robber barons had it. Suddenly, every piece of Europe's culture was for sale at the right price.

Guest: Leeman Kessler, an ordinary dude who ran for local office in his town of Gambier, OH and won. We talk about how other ordinary people, SUCH AS YOU, can run for local office. If you've ever thought about it, Leeman proves definitively that you have nothing to be afraid of. And if you think you're not up to the job, dismiss that nonsense right now. Tons of people WAY dumber than you hold local office. Learn more about Leeman, who also has a podcast, at his website. He does an HP Lovecraft impression (non-racist) and, for the second straight episode, drainage comes up.

Cocktail of the Month: Sloe Gin Fizz. What is sloe gin? Well. It's gin steeped with sloes. So. OK what's a sloe? Well you're about to find out.

Question Cathy is off and a special guest, Question Isaac (age 10) joins me for a modified version of the mailbag.

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Thanks: Leeman Kessler, Isaac Moore, all the bands that contribute music (WaxeaterIfIHadAHiFiThe Sump PumpsOscar Bait), Zachary Sielaff, Question Cathy, and all Patreon supporters, subscribers, and listeners.