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Mass for Shut-ins: The Gin and Tacos Podcast

Jul 27, 2018

Story: THE MAN WHO SAVED THE WHALES - The true story of Abraham Gesner, the obscure Canadian geologist whose big discovery in 1846 made whaling unprofitable just as most whale species were on the brink of extinction. 

Guest: Dr. Ari Kohen, professor of political theory at University of Nebraska - Lincoln, curator of TrumpWatch, co-founder of the Hero Roundtable, and author of Untangling Heroism. We talk about civility and maintaining one's sanity while trying to create a daily record of the Trump years. 

Cocktail of the Month: the Americano. It's not a gin cocktail, but it's...gin adjacent. I expect angry feedback.

Will Alexander joins us to share his delightful recipe for sourdough bread.

Question Cathy returns for the mailbag.

This episode contains short clips of "Kerosene" by Big Black and "Flying Whales" by Gojira. You'll understand why that was necessary when you listen.

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Thanks: Ari Kohen and Will Alexander, all the bands that contribute music (WaxeaterIfIHadAHiFiThe Sump PumpsOscar Bait), Zachary Sielaff, Question Cathy, and all Patreon supporters, subscribers, and listeners.